The Initial consultation is a stress free educational and informative talk with a Movement Specialist. You learn about your body and quickly make sense of past and present pains, strains, and discomforts. The certified In Home Personal Trainer will help you understand why your body is in its current state, and more importantly, how to solve it for a lifetime. It also includes The Movement Assessment which identifies what areas of your body are weak, what’s strong, and what needs to be stretched/released. In other words, it provides your starting point. Everyone is unique and your program, approach, and training style will be as well. Through weekly in home personal training sessions, daily check ins, and empowering you to take control, you will see guaranteed results.

You will have a chance to meet the In Home Personal Trainer of your choice and ask questions before you make any major decisions. To serve our clients at the absolute highest standard we have an outstanding network of health professionals that we refer out too regularly when needed. This is about you and your health and if we can’t help you, we know who can.

90 minute Consultation $100

2 Sessions Per Week / 3 Sessions Per Week

Package OptionsNumber
of Sessions
Price Per
Number of
Starter Pack8$90$72012$85$1,020
4 Months32$90$72048$85$1,020
8 Months64$85$68096$80$960
12 Months96$80$640144$75$900
*All sessions are 1 hour*

All prices subject to GST

Partner Training – 2-4 people 50% off each!

25-35km add $10 per session

>35km price to be negotiated

Online Training prices via Zoom – $67.50/session

Prices include all services including assisted stretchingkickboxingnutrition coaching and more!. You get improved flexibility, increased strength and balance, and the best nutrition coaching available – all in one!

Training with the proven Walinga Fitness system will save you time, money, and significantly improve your quality of life. Free yourself from depending on various services and appointments that temporarily hide the health and fitness issues that you have been dealing with. Learn to take care of your body inside and out for a lifetime of results!

Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service!