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“Cait is approachable and knowledgeable and has a great sense of humour. She is compassionate, understanding and has motivated me each week to keep going. The at-home workout program keeps me accountable and is so simple, with no complicated equipment. Cait gives me simple tips and tools to use everyday and is so intuitive to my needs. She helps holistically taking into consideration stress, tension and nutritional deficiencies . I know I am stronger today than I ever have been and I can’t wait to continue on this journey ❤️ – Yvonne (Check out the full testimonial here)

“Finding Dan has changed my life”

“Every week that goes by brings me more mobility, more comfort, and more motivation”

“Being physically active is one of the most important choices we can make. Dan’s focus and dedication has made the decision to engage with him on my fitness journey both easy and rewarding.”

“Dan understands the interconnections of the myriad of moving parts in the human body. He has taken that information and applied it to my specific requirements in nuanced ways that have altered my enjoyment of sports, leisure, and sleep” -Derek (Check out the full testimonial here)

Kim performing a paloff press exercise – a staple of the foundation phase

“Dan has a wealth of knowledge about fitness and wellness, he guides me through each exercise making sure I use the correct form so I can gain the most out of them.”

“Dan spent a lot of time listening to my past experiences, goals, and concerns. He designed programs around what I wanted to achieve, and always allowed me to provide feedback on the content. This was very important to me because I needed to feel part of the process, not just have a set of exercises dictated to me”

My mobility was and is a major issue. Over the years, I had sort advice from all sorts of professionals, including Orthopaedic Specialists, Physio’s, Osteopaths and Personal Trainers. All had made promises, and I had followed their advice with limited to no success or improvement. Dan provided a new approach based around Myofascial Release techniques. His expertise in this area is excellent, and his “hands on” approach has provided much relief and improvement.”

“Dan’s approach to nutrition is very holistic – we have together worked on all aspects , including stress, emotional triggers and nutritional content. His advise, support and non judgemental approach have had a positive impact on my relationship with food and helping to overcome issues which have existed all of my adult life.”

“He is extremely professional in the way in which he undertakes his job, he is meticulous and observant, listening to his clients and responding to their needs. He has never judged me and has always respected the person I am. When I train with Dan, I feel I have his undivided attention and that I’m not just “another client.” -Natasha (Check out the full testimonial here)

Ivory performing a fantastic hip flexor and psoas dynamic stretch

I mainly exercise to go places and see things, getting fitter is just a by-product of this so I have never really been very good at “working out”.  Dan was the first person I have ever dealt with at a gym that changed this by providing fun, varied and interesting work out sessions as well as clearly understanding these were just to compliment my other activities.

3hrs of PT per week is a big expense but I prefer to look at the value rather than the cost.   For me this has been one of the single best investments in my health I have ever made.  I have learned something new at virtually every session due to the way Dan really listens and understands where you are at on any given day.  His depth of knowledge and experience is outstanding providing great nutrition and general health advice as well as the more specific mobility and training routines.

Since seeing Dan most of my Rheumatic symptoms have disappeared and I now have higher energy levels all round as well as much better mobility, strength and balance.

I feel a lot more aware of my body and understand much better what areas I need to work on at any given time.  This means that in day to day life I now have much better posture and have dramatically improved my efficiency on the mountain bike.

He is a problem solver so picks up on the slightest comment made or body movement and feeds this back into evolving training sessions, delivering maximum benefit.  Anyone can watch a YouTube video and do an exercise but by having an expert like Dan consistently involved in your workouts, you are always doing the right things at the right time and doing them in such a way that ensures you meet your goals.” -Ally (Check out the full testimonial here)

Brock and Thea working hard during a small group workout!

It seemed like a lot of money to invest at the time but I decided to pay for the full year in 2 installments. In retrospect, it has been money well spent in the pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Dan got me ready with a personalized running program in the early Spring for my first-ever 5k race in May! Pounds started to melt away slow but sure when we did the check-ins every 2 weeks

It’s been quite a journey of discovery, not only reaching but surpassing my original goals – like losing 25 lbs. which I initially thought was unattainable. My personal results were beyond my wildest dreams – 30% body fat reduced to 24%, weight loss from 205 to 175 lbs., 6-inch reduction around the stomach/waist area – 2 pant sizes and 3 belt notches smaller….lifting weights I never thought possible after my hernia surgery five years ago…having lost over 30 pounds, my specialist says I will now be able to get off my CPAP machine in the new year. This from the doctor who said I’d never lose the weight at all! In early February after a New Year’s Eve sleep clinic study, I finally became CPAP-free as my sleep apnea was deemed virtually non-existent!

I feel younger, more confident and energetic” -Doug (Check out the full testimonial here)

Kim performing a step down exercise – another crucial exercise in the foundation phase

I am so glad that I choose to do personal training, it completely changed  my life. I’m more active with my kids and get them involved in exercise  on a regular  basis. I have a much more positive view on things now. My husband  loves my new look and it feels like we’re on our honeymoon again! I am doing another 6 months  with Dan, and I honestly  believe it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.” -Rosemary (Check out the full testimonial here)

At 51, having neglected myself due to work for so many years, weighing in at 237 lbs, out of shape, unhealthy eating, nagging aches and pains, I realized I had to make a life altering change. 3 trainer sessions per week, 2 individual sessions per week, Squats, Leg Presses, Triceps Presses, Curls, Cardio, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Dead lifts, Abs, Stretches. We do it all. I am getting stronger. My energy level has increased. Dan continues to  push me to where I thought I couldn’t go, but I do. I have a new level of confidence. The aches I have had with my separated shoulder from over a year ago, is being rehabilitated with Dan’s specific exercises, and my range of movement  has returned to normal. I am in a new world, feeling better, Healthier, and Happier.

But more than ever, this new way of life has been infectious. Our family and others around us have engaged in this renewed lifestyle. Our conversations  revolve  around health and activities. We are conscious of our food choices, and committed to our exercise programs….We now  have this built into our regular  weekly routine.

“To summarize, the journey began on August 23, with a goal to lose 40 pounds by Christmas, a goal that I thought would be difficult to achieve . The results, well, they were breathtaking. In a short period of 4 months, I had lost 43 pounds, my BMI went from 32.7 to 26.7, a 20% improvement, my body fat% went from 30.9% to 19.5%, a 37% reduction, and my body fat went from 73.4 pounds to 37.8 pounds, an amazing 48% reduction!”

“In retrospect, there can be no better investment than the one made in yourself. The journey has just begun, and I’m looking forward to every step along the way.” -Eugene (Check out the full testimonial here)

Cait doing her muscle release work with the foam roller

Injuries suffered to each shoulder long ago had been exacerbated by years of construction work. In addition, my right knee had suffered damage – meniscal tears, minor ligament damage and the creeping onset of arthritis. I pursued courses of physiotherapy for my knee and shoulders which helped to return me to an acceptable level of mobility yet the pains, the discomfort and the diminished range of motion persisted.

Sixteen months ago I had arthroscopic surgery on my left shoulder. The work Dan and I had put in at the gym brought me to a good level of preparedness, never worsened my shoulder problems (largely because he persisted in seeking feedback and I was comfortable in saying when certain exercises were painful or awkward) and gave me the confidence of knowing I could work through the rehab to regaining greater range, strength and usage from my shoulder. I have suffered no setbacks with my left shoulder, rather, Dan’s program, coupled with the surgery, the physiotherapy and my own hard work, has helped strengthen the joint and improve range of motion.

Dan is a good communicator. He listens, he explains his program clearly, he seeks input and he carries out his work with empathy and resolve. I have benefitted from Dan’s skills and expertise, and I am fortunate to be associated with a person of his genuine caring and commitment to his work.” -Peter (Check out the full testimonial here)

Cait Hardill – Owner / Certified Personal Trainer
Dan Walinga – Owner / Certified Personal Trainer

What you get when you hire Walinga Fitness

In Home Personal Training that provides:

  1. The education and tools to self manage aches and pains in your muscles and joints
  2. The ability to get physically strong in order to avoid injuries, be independent, support good posture, and have the freedom to enjoy life without pain or limitations
  3. The knowledge to make smart nutritional choices that support health and vitality in all aspects of your life
  4. The confidence to look and feel good in the best version of your body

That’s the Walinga Fitness difference.

No gym membership required, we come to you at your convenience! You do not need a home gym, just a little bit of space. We have all the equipment you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. Many clients enjoy workouts in home with a small dedicated workout room, outside at a nearby park, or even in the living room. It is amazing how you can utilize your home and household items to dramatically improve your fitness level. A few small pieces of inexpensive equipment can make up you’re very effective”home gym.”

We offer a wide range of In Home Personal Training options and are backed by more than 25 years of experience. We have the education, professional training, and personality to help you get moving, feel better, and enjoy a pain free active lifestyle!

Get motivated. Get educated. Get results.

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