Dan Walinga

Dan offers a wide range of personal training options and is located in Christchurch. He is backed by more than a decade of experience. Dan provides a professional service that is above and beyond what other personal trainers can offer and has several different areas of expertise. After graduating college with an Advanced Diploma in Fitness Management, he strived for more.  Dan sought out high quality teachers who offered world recognized course certificates and qualifications. He continues to dedicate himself to mastering the concepts, delivery, and integration of all the different skills he learns. Dan will provide you with all the tools and advice for a healthier lifestyle. Dan’s purpose as a trainer is simple: to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

One of two things will happen after achieving your goals with Dan:

  1. Your goals advance and change with positive results and you want to continue to learn while keeping the advantage of a personal trainer/coach.
  2. You learned everything you need to know and can take care of your health and fitness needs – and even teach others.

That’s the Walinga Fitness difference.

Get motivated. Get educated. Get results.

Book a free consultation today! Call 64 22 471 5461 and talk directly to Dan.

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Apollo Fitness

Dan is based at Apollo Fitness Gym located at 48 Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch. Dan works along side a team of first rate physiotherapists, and has an extensive network of health professionals in various fields.