Movement Assessment

Some factors that contribute to poor posture are sitting for long periods of time, repetitive movements, and lack of movement causing weakness. These main areas of focus are directly contributing to a decrease in the quality of your life. Weak muscles force your body to compensate by tightening up other muscles. These overworked, chronically tight muscles lead to discomfort and pain. Muscles in this state develop “trigger points” or “knots”. These can be very uncomfortable and downright painful. Identifying your areas of weakness, tightness, and imbalance are crucial when starting an exercise program. With the Walinga Fitness movement assessment they will quickly and easily identify the imbalances in your body. This process is what drives a truly unique and individualized exercise program created for you. An in home personal trainer will deliver an exceptional service that includes:

  • A personalized mobility routine and workout program that will be created based on your assessment and goals.
  • Identifying what imbalances you have and why they cause you pain and discomfort
  • Finding out what muscles are weak, strong, tight, or causing you pain.
  • Assessing which movements are difficult or impossible – and learn why they are.
  • Learn how your posture could be causing pain or discomfort
  • Overall education about your body, lifestyle, and the solutions to be the best version of yourself

Personalized Mobility Routine


Mobility refers to the flexibility and elasticity of your muscles, tendons, and ligaments as well as the range of motion achieved by your joints. Your mobility routine can be utilized everyday to help you manage and eliminate aches and pains. Learn simple and advanced techniques from our in home personal trainers to help implement a systematic approach to releasing and relieving tight muscles and joints. When you can take care of your own body you won’t need to rely on treatment centres. You will be empowered to not only solve issues that arise but identify problem areas before they get to the point of restriction or pain.


Our in home personal trainers will help you:

  • Rely on yourself to relive tight muscles, problem areas, sore back, etc.
  • Learn multiple techniques to ensure you stay loose and feel great
  • Decrease trips to Chiropractors and Physiotherapists – save you money!
  • Decrease aches and pains
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve quality of life
  • See what it feels like to move freely and easily during everyday tasks and complex movements like sports and activities

1 on 1


1 on 1 Movement Specialist Training

Kim - Paloff Press

This is the day to day experience when we utilize your surroundings and your body to achieve better flexibility, strength, balance, and pain relief. We use a combination of the stretching/mobility strategies, corrective exercises, and fascial stretch therapy techniques to address areas of opportunity found during your  complimentary movement assessment. You will learn how little equipment and physical room you actually need to see massive improvements in your fitness! We are certified in home personal trainers and movement specialists that will optimize your time and get you great results. Here is a little bit about the process:

Step 1: Release tight and overworked muscles using your personalized mobility routine. Techniques can include myo-fascial release, dynamic stretching, static stretching, and advanced band work which introduces joint traction. Assisted stretching using Fascial Stretch Therapy techniques, is also included with your training program. (Learn more about Assisted stretching below.) You will be coached by your in home personal trainer about the specifics about each technique and when to utilize them. Your techniques and strategies are designed for your body and your goals. Everything is customized specifically for you. This is your short term pain management which can help you feel better immediately!

Step 2: Activate and wake up your weak, dormant muscles with a foundation phase of training that utilizes corrective exercises. These inactive muscles are part of the reason for the tight, overworked, pain causing muscles. Corrective exercises refer to movement patterns and specific, targeted, muscular activation techniques. There is nothing intimidating about this kind of exercise as it is tailored to your starting point based on what was found in the movement assessment. Everyone in any physical fitness status can learn, improve, and progress with corrective exercises. This is the start of your long term, body balancing, and empowering way to get rid of aches and pains for good. Everyday movements and physically demanding tasks become easier and you will make the connection between training and everyday life. You’re in home personal trainer will ensure that you get that little push of encouragement when needed, while keeping you safe from injury first and foremost.

The Walinga Fitness team have trained hundreds of clients successfully and will make sure that your training is safe, fun, and most importantly effective. With their attention to detail, every rep will be done correctly to eliminate any chance of injury with a safety first approach. They use unique exercises used by very few trainers to ensure progress. They are perfectionists when it comes to executing exercises and will ensure you are doing each movement correctly, making adjustments on the go. Each training session will be tailored to your goals, lifestyle and fitness level. Training around injuries is a part of life, the Walinga Fitness team has the needed experience to keep you on track.

  • Walinga Fitness training programs are designed specifically for you based on your goals
  • Programs can included anything from corrective foundation exercises, functional exercises, kickboxing, kettle bells, cables, free weights, balance equipment and a number of other tools to keep you challenged.
  • You will achieve structural balance throughout your body which leads to less aches and pains, easier movement, being stronger and getting lean.
  • We specialize in working with people who are injured or recovering from an injury. Everyone has an injury at some point; do not let that stop you from progressing. 
  • You will be taught how to write your own workout programs and establish exercise independence if you choose to.
  • Your results during the program will be tracked and shared every session to ensure you are making progress and set you up for success.
  • Walinga Fitness have an impressive network of the best local professionals like the team at Crux Chiropractic to refer out too if necessary.

Assisted Stretching


Lie down, relax, and get stretched out to your comfort level. You are in charge and you control how strong the stretches are. This unique service provides you with the relaxation of yoga type stretches – without the hard work. You get to lie down on a comfortable massage table, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing while Dan performs Fascial Stretch Therapy techniques to your legs, hips, arms, and neck. The result is a feeling like no other. Clients report feeling lighter, looser, more mobile, relaxed, and relieved. Whether you have sore muscles and back pain from everyday wear and tear or suffer from muscle overuse/overload issues, assisted stretching can help. In home personal training never looked so different! We prefer different (on purpose.)

  • Focus is on relieving muscles associated with the hip complex and shoulder joints
  • Provides back pain relief
  • Every muscle in your body can be treated with the most common areas being: glutes, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, chest, and all back muscles
  • Fantastic to be included as a part of your de-stress routine
  • Often used in concert with other services to compliment treatment
  • Helps keep you injury free
  • Feel lighter, looser, relaxed, and relieved

Precision Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition is the most important factor to consider when you are trying to lose weight or improve your overall well being. Trying to sift through all the advice on healthy eating is confusing. You need a solution for you. With coaching certifications like Precision Nutrition – the most respected private nutrition coaching and education program in the world – you are in good hands. You will be put on the right path with detailed and proven nutritional strategies, made especially for you. No more fad diets, no more frustration and confusion. It’s time for reliable, research-based information combined with a personalized coaching approach. Combine the physical and emotional side of health and fitness with a well rounded program from your in home personal trainer. No one understands your unique requirements like the specialist who is training you to move better on a weekly basis. Walinga Fitness is a one stop health shop covering all your needs in one place – your home!

  • Find out your nutritional deficiencies that cause fatigue, malnutrition, weight gain, headaches, and most health issues you think are genetic or just something you have been living with your whole life.
  • A personalized approach to your goals, taking into account your family, social life, budget, personal preferences, tastes and more.
  • Things are made easy with PN’s proven nutrition coaching system.
  • Find nutritional solutions that will make a life-long difference – not just for a few weeks or months.
  • Learn about proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals, calories, and how they relate to losing weight, boosting energy, and generally feeling better!
  • Ask about any topic relating to nutrition and get sound, reliable advice that will point you in the right direction.


Running Assessment


Wish you could run without pain? Get rid of common runner issues like: I.T band tightness, runners knee, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints. The first step is to get your gait (running stride) analyzed and see where your starting point is. Foot strike, cadence, noise, and posture while running, are all video taped and analyzed right in front of you for you to see and compare. Core strength, vital leg stabilizing muscles, foot and calf strength are also tested. Re-patterning, corrective exercises, and mobility techniques are designed into a program to advance your running technique and improve your strength. Your in home personal trainer can meet at your house or on your usual running route anywhere in Kamloops!

  • Greatly decrease your chance of injury
  • Become faster and achieve better times for any length of race
  • Increase strength of major muscle groups and key stabilizers
  • Improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility
  • Learn proper running technique


kickboxing 2

Have some fun, let out a little aggression and ditch the boring old treadmill. A fast paced, core crushing, energetic cardio element to your workout program. The key is to learn proper technique in order to get the most out of kickboxing. The in home personal trainers makes sure that you can punch, kick, knee, elbow, and put them all together in various combinations, safely and effectively. Nothing feels like you work your core more than a well executed kickboxing session!

  • Add a fun, stress releasing component to your fitness program
  • Learn stances, techniques, and form to execute with precision
  • Replace boring cardio machines with a more effective calorie burn
  • Great full body workout with emphasis on core strength and endurance
  • Use as a self defense tool if necessary

Small Group Training


There’s no doubt that when people come together they can achieve great things when it comes to fitness goals. Having the support of family, friends, and people with similar goals goes a long way. We prefer to keep the groups small (2-4) to provide a high level of service to each individual. With the extra support of group exercise you can be sure that motivation, accountability, and effort are always at their peak. This is when goals are achieved and new ones are challenged. Try it with an in home personal trainer if you have the space or explore the opportunities of nearby parks or other public facilities!

  • Stay motivated towards your goal
  • Stay accountable to your exercise regimen
  • Compete and challenge yourself against others
  • Stay safe and progress with each workout

Olympic Lifting

There is nothing like Olympic lifts. Nothing compares to the combination of power, speed, strength, and mobility needed to complete a 1 rep max. The most popular lift is the clean & jerk. To learn the clean & jerk effectively it is broken down into its 4 separate lifts; deadlift, clean, front squat, and overhead press. Once each lift and its transition is done perfectly, we combine into the full lift. The Snatch or Power Snatch is less popular and more demanding. The same approach is taken to break down the lift into its 3 key components; snatch grip deadlift, snatch grip cleans, and overhead squat. Practice, perfect, and combine into a beautiful sight to see. This lift demands incredible mobility and strength.

  • Increase power
  • Increase speed
  • Increase strength
  • Improve core strength
  • Improve co-ordination
  • Test your mobility
  • Push yourself harder than ever in the gym

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