About Me


Dan grew up playing every sport he could possibly try. After finding his passion for hockey and lacrosse he stuck with them and played at high levels in both sports. Dan still plays hockey today and has even played in New Zealand and South Korea. An avid golfer, camping and hiking enthusiast, as well as an animal lover, round out a very active lifestyle. He has 2 staffy lab crosses which keep him and his partner very busy. He could not be where he is today without his wonderful and supportive partner, Cait. She is also a PT and together they have helped each other learn and grow personally and professionally. They enjoyed a 6 month backpacking trip across the world (picture above is in Interlaken, Switzerland) in 2016, and then spent almost 2 years living in New Zealand. (picture below is Mount Cheeseman in New Zealand)


After graduating Cambrian College in Sudbury Ontario with an Advanced Diploma in Fitness Management, Dan strived for more.  He sought out high quality teachers who offered world recognized course certificates and qualifications. He continues to dedicate himself to mastering the concepts, delivery, and integration of all the different skills he learns.

Dan has been dubbed a problem solver by his clients and is always figuring out ways to work around various injuries and physical limitations. He is very passionate about being  Personal Trainer and takes pride in being different than the status quo. “He has a calm, reserved but concerned and focused demeanour”, as one of his clients put it. He coaches in a level headed, very professional, and above all, effective way. Through his training he has developed a system that allows him to easily identify nutritional deficiencies, muscular imbalances, and mobility restrictions that drive his programming to be personalized and highly effective. His solutions come from over a decade of experience and an always growing education. Every client is different and Dan knows every client needs a personalized solution.