“I am a keen mountain biker so reasonably fit but long periods in the same position on a bike coupled with a predominantly seated job meant I had quite a lot of imbalances leading to lower back pain and weakness.  Previous injuries to my left arm/shoulder had also lead to reduced range of motion and imbalance.  Immune system/Rheumatic issues in recent years had lead to significant join pain and fatigue.

Dan came highly recommended from a friend and from the first time I met him we immediately got on well as I felt he very quickly understood my issues and even more so, understood me.  I like to know how things work and learn along the way so Dan’s skill in explaining and demonstrating things really engaged me and gave a real drive to go to the gym which is something I had never had before.

I mainly exercise to go places and see things, getting fitter is just a by-product of this so I have never really been very good at “working out”.  Dan was the first person I have ever dealt with at a gym that changed this by providing fun, varied and interesting work out sessions as well as clearly understanding these were just to compliment my other activities.

My programme has mostly been 3 sessions per week with Dan for almost a year now plus 1-2 bike rides outside of this.  3hrs of PT per week is a big expense but I prefer to look at the value rather than the cost.   For me this has been one of the single best investments in my health I have ever made.  I have learned something new at virtually every session due to the way Dan really listens and understands where you are at on any given day.  His depth of knowledge and experience is outstanding providing great nutrition and general health advice as well as the more specific mobility and training routines.

Since seeing Dan most of my Rheumatic symptoms have disappeared and I now have higher energy levels all round as well as much better mobility, strength and balance.  I think this has been due to a mix of dietary and lifestyle changes as well as better overall physical health.  On days where I had specific issues like hand/joint pain, Dan was always able to tailor exercises to get around this which helped my mental health a lot too as it is very easy to get down when you can’t do certain things.

I feel a lot more aware of my body and understand much better what areas I need to work on at any given time.  This means that in day to day life I now have much better posture and have dramatically improved my efficiency on the mountain bike.

Dan’s training style is very conversational which I really enjoy.  He is not the type of guy that is just going to shout at you or tell you things – he will certainly push and encourage when needed but this is always done in a very engaging way.  He is a problem solver so picks up on the slightest comment made or body movement and feeds this back into evolving training sessions, delivering maximum benefit.  Anyone can watch a YouTube video and do an exercise but by having an expert like Dan consistently involved in your workouts, you are always doing the right things at the right time and doing them in such a way that ensures you meet your goals.

I would highly recommend Dan to virtually anyone as I think his wide-ranging skill set can hugely benefit all types of people – regardless of whether you are a sedate person or an elite athlete and whatever your goals, issues or limitations.”



― Ally Mackay