A fundamental truth that I have learned in life is that ‘you cannot outrun a bad diet’. So, while my diet has always been ‘relatively’ in check with my weight goals – give or take, my fitness goals have also, historically, evolved around the same goals to limited success. Thus, in the past the fundamental truth was in direct conflict with my standard goals: eat less, exercise more.

I met Dan through a random internet search when I was looking to get motivated. I was looking for a personal trainer who would come to my house. I could blame Covid for this, but the reality is I have a great exercise facility at home and find it more convenient than trudging off to a gym. Except that despite being Covid house bound, I did not seem to be able to find sufficient motivation to try and exercise myself out of my Covid diet….probably because I knew the fundamental truth. The problem was, I still had the bad diet, and had no exercise program.

Finding Dan has changed my life, both literally and figuratively, for three specific reasons. Dan is focused, he is knowledgeable, and he is committed to my health. 

Focused. Dan took a long time to understand how my physical condition came to be. He spent the time to understand what I wanted to accomplish, then proceeded to focus on completely different objectives. Or so I thought. The focus was on the big picture. The long game.

Knowledgeable. Dan understands the interconnections of the myriad of moving parts in the human body. He has taken that information and applied it to my specific requirements in nuanced ways that have altered my enjoyment of sports, leisure, and sleep. 

Committed. Exercise is tough to commit to at the best of times. My past is no different despite having other personal trainers (both great and otherwise), used boxed programs like P90X, and have been a life-long adherent to all sorts of fitness fads. But it is Dan’s commitment to MY health that has made the last seven months feel like I am on a journey and not a fitness ‘treadmill’. Every week that goes by brings me more mobility, more comfort, and more motivation.

We all have choices to make which our time and money. Being physically active is one of the most important choices we can make. Dan’s focus and dedication has made the decision to engage with him on my fitness journey both easy and rewarding.

― Derek Schreurs