After being in the workforce for over 25 years, in what seemed to be non-st op 24/7 responsibilities, I was laid off in July 2011 and left to ponder my future. My state of mind turned inward, particularly at my physical and mental being.  At 51, having neglected myself due to work for so many years, weighing in at 237 lbs, out of shape, unhealthy eating, nagging aches and pains, I realized I had to make a life altering change. Having never stepped into a fitness center before in my life, it was with apprehension that I ambled into the Goodlife Fitness Center not knowing what would be before me. What a surprise! The smiling faces and knowledge of the staff. The upbeat music. The clean and spotless facility. The sheer number of machines. I was impressed.

After signing up with the gym, I took a 3-session trial with personal trainer Dan Walinga. Dan spent the time assessing my physical capabilities, what nagging aches I was dealing with, showing me the mechanics of the machines, and how they could benefit me. Most importantly though, I wanted to determine if Dan would be a good fit for me to push me to reach my goals.

After my first week, I was convinced that Dan was the right trainer for me, and signed up for the long term. Jointly, Dan and I worked out a training and nutrition plan, that if followed closely, would help me to reach my goals, but I knew I had to do my part. So it begins!

3 trainer sessions per week, 2 individual sessions per week, Squats, Leg Presses, Triceps Presses, Curls, Cardio, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Dead lifts, Abs, Stretches. We do it all. I am getting stronger. My energy level has increased. Dan continues to  push me to where I thought I couldn’t go, but I do. I have a new level of confidence. The aches I have had with my separated shoulder from over a year ago, is being rehabilitated with Dan’s specific exercises, and my range of movement  has returned to normal. I am in a new world, feeling better, Healthier, and Happier.

But more than ever, this new way of life has been infectious. Our family and others around us have engaged in this renewed lifestyle. Our conversations  revolve  around health and activities. We are conscious of our food choices, and committed to our exercise programs. In testament to this, 3 of our family members have since signed up at the gym.   We now  have this built into our regular  weekly routine.

To summarize, the journey began on August 23, with a goal to lose 40 pounds by Christmas, a goal that I thought would be difficult to achieve . The results, well, they were breathtaking. In a short period of 4 months, I had lost 43 pounds, my BMI went from 32.7 to 26.7, a 20% improvement, my body fat% went from 30.9% to 19.5%, a 37% reduction, and my body fat went from 73.4 pounds to 37.8 pounds, an amazing 48% reduction!

In retrospect, there can be no better investment than the one made in yourself. The journey has just begun, and I’m looking forward to every step along the way.  Dan and Goodlife have given me the guidance  and vision to  realize this potential.

Thank You!

― Eugene