“I have trained with Dan for nearly a year. Before signing up with Dan, I had worked closely with two very experienced Personal Trainers over a number of years.


At the time of starting with Dan, I was physically and mentally tired. A combination of heavy strength training and a stressful job had taken their toll. I felt demoralised and was unsure what my gym and health goals where. After parting company with my last PT, my confidence was at an all time low and I had doubts if I was the type of person any trainer would want as a client.

I also had a number of long standing injuries, which had affected my mobility and ability to train with the frequency and intensity that I desired.

My relationship with food and nutrition is complicated and very emotionally driven.

Starting out

Getting to know a trainer and building a meaningful working relationship takes time. Dan spent a lot of time listening to my past experiences, goals and concerns. He designed programmes around what I wanted to achieve, and always allowed me to provide feedback on the content. This was very important to me, because I needed to feel part of the process, not just have a set of exercises dictated to me.

My mobility was and is a major issue. Over the years, I had sort advice from all sorts of professionals, including Orthopaedic Specialists, Physio’s, Osteopaths and Personal Trainers. All had made promises, and I had followed their advice with limited to no success or improvement. Dan provided a new approach based around Myofascial Release techniques. His expertise in this area is excellent, and his “hands on” approach has provided much relief and improvement.

Dan works in a very structured way, which allows him to accurately follow progress and modify training accordingly to needs – he doesn’t just produce a “generic” programme of one size fits all methodoftraining. Overtheyearwehaveconstantlytriednewthingsandmodifiedexerciseswhen required


We have worked together on nutrition to provide a workable plan that fits with my training and lifestyle. Dan’s approach to nutrition is very holistic – we have together worked on all aspects , including stress, emotional triggers and nutritional content.

His advise, support and non judgemental approach have had a positive impact on my relationship with food and helping to overcome issues which have existed all of my adult life.

Who is Dan?

Dan and I are extremely different personalities – his infinite patience and calm demeanour, contrast with my volatile emotional personality.

He is extremely professional in the way in which he undertakes his job, he is meticulous and observant, listening to his clients and responding to their needs.

He has never judged me and has always respected the person I am. When I train with Dan, I feel I have his undivided attention and that I’m not just “another client”

Specialist Skills

Dan’s skill set is far above any other Trainer I have observed or worked with. From nutrition, to lifting technique and mobilisation work – his knowledge is extensive and backed up with over 10 years working experience.

His understanding of strength training is excellent, and has provided me with a platform on which build and improve my training and achieve my goals.

Whilst Dan’s fee is not the cheapest available – I don’t believe there would be another trainer working in Christchurch with the diversity of skills Dan possesses. If you wish to see results, you need use the right people and Dan is the right Personal Trainer for anyone serious about their health and wellbeing.


The gym is a very important part of my life and I believe the benefits of working with a trainer of Dan’s quality on a consistent regular basis are immeasurable.

For him I’m a paying client – but for me, he’s the person who enables me to be a better more balanced person. And how can you put a price on that?”


― Natasha Clarke