Hi my name is Rosemary Jankowski and I am 34 years old, and I lost 47.6 pounds and 43.5 inches!

I never went to a gym before having Kids, but I always enjoyed biking, hiking and canoeing. I was a bad eater, and didn’t care about the things I would eat.

I always was a small person, but.after having kids things  changed for me. I started getting really lazy and my eating got worse! I started Goodlife  after my son was born, and did a little working out but got no results . I then came back after my daughter was born, but it didn’t work out again after trying classes and the weights  on my  own. I stopped again.

Finally, a year ago, a good friend joined Goodlife and wanted me to workout with her. We would go 5 days a week, and that’s when I started getting some results. I then said I need to change things, I stopped drinking pop, then tried cutting out chips, which was my hardest thing to give up. I tried real hard and did well. I lost 20 pounds. Then I got stuck, I couldn’t seem to lose any more.

I decided to research some personal trainers and ended up choosing one who I think is an amazing trainer, Dan Walinga. He taught me that my nutrition was the most important part for me to break out of the plateau. Once I followed his advice, things started improving dramatically. He pushed me very hard and tracked my nutrition, we made great progress.

My three and a half week vacation came up fast. I was worried I would gain a lot of weight back. But Dan showed me some workouts to do without weights which worked very well! I kept my diet clean and did lots of cardio, walking, push-ups, tension bands and the fun part was when I got my kids to lie on the comfy bed at the hotel, and I would push the bed up and down. My kids see me being more active and I encourage them to do exercises with me and they love doing it with me even on vacation. It’s been 6 years since I’ve worn a bikini and on that vacation I did!!

While I was away I always had lots of support from Dan. I would email any concerns that I had and he was very good at letting me know right away what I should or shouldn’t do. The food change on that trip was so different from what I  had gotten  used to eating.  It was always  fried, lots of “bad” carbs and other  foods I worked hard to eliminate or limit. Dan taught me too choose healthy options and request veggies not “bad” carbs among other techniques. When I got back I  actually  lost a little on that trip!

Then something happened. Because I had lost so much weight, I noticed an abnormality with my stomach that I never would have noticed when I was big, I had an umbilical hernia. I had to put my training  on hold. Again, I was very  worried that I would gain weight back again. All I was allowed  to do was some light cardio. After 6 weeks I was allowed to start with weights again but still  noticed swelling in the area. It was not from the surgery, but from certain foods I was eating. Who knew! Dan recommended a food sensitivity test and after eliminating  certain foods the swelling  I noticed in my stomach disappeared!

I am so glad that I choose to do personal training, it completely changed  my life. I’m more active with my kids and get them involved in exercise  on a regular  basis. I have a much more positive view on things now. My husband  loves my new look and it feels like we’re on our honeymoon again! I am doing another 6 months  with Dan, and I honestly  believe it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

My goal was 115 lbs. and we’ve already  gone past  that!

If you want to improve your life, your marriage, your self-esteem, talk to Dan, best decision I ever made! Thanks  Dan!

― Rosemary Jankowski