“My goal was/is to increase my overall fitness and develop functional strength for my work and sports activities. In the past the heavy lifting I have had to do at work had left me sore and tired by the end of the week and a couple of times I had injured muscles due to the volume and weight of the work.

I train three times a week (two times with Dan) and play indoor netball once a week. I also play rugby during the winter.

The differences I have noticed since training with Dan are general lifting at work has gotten alot easier and I feel overall that I have more energy and feel less sore at the end of the day/week. I have found alot more enjoyment in the sports I play as I am able to contribute more to the team.

Dan has a wealth of knowledge about fitness and wellness, he guides me through each exercise making sure I use the correct form so I can gain the most out of them. Dan is a great advocate for flexiblity, from the stretching routines he has developed for me to the one off stretch advice he gives when I get sore point during a workout have been invaluable to my progress. Dan has a great balance between keeping each session feeling layed back while pushing me to my limits and I have really seen the improvement/benefits of training with him on a regular basis.

I would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for a personal trainer, apart from his extensive knowledge of fitness and wellness he has an awesome personal approach to helping his clients achieve there fitness goals.”


― Troy Charles