I reached out to Walinga Fitness after ‘tweaking’ my back. For years I have struggled with back issues and tried chiropractors, RMT, osteopaths, etc to treat it. Each practicianer told me to strengthen my core to prevent my recurring issues. But I never knew how or where to start. I have tried workouts at home, running, going to the gym, yoga and while I really liked some of these activities, I would eventually pull something or hurt something and have to stop. I always promised I would try again next week, but that would turn into weeks usually.

I have been working with Cait for the last three months and I have discovered more about my body in that time than in my whole lifetime! I have found muscles and endurance that I never knew I had. The progress I have made is incredible to me. 

Cait is approachable and knowledgeable and has a great sense of humour. She is compassionate, understanding and has motivated me each week to keep going. The at-home workout program keeps me accountable and is so simple, with no complicated equipment. Cait gives me simple tips and tools to use everyday and is so intuitive to my needs. She helps holistically taking into consideration stress, tension and nutritional deficiencies . I know I am stronger today than I ever have been and I can’t wait to continue on this journey ❤️

― Yvonne McMillan