Detailed Posture Analysis and Movement Tests

More and more people are working in offices, sitting all day, and generally living a sedentary lifestyle. These factors contribute to poor posture by weakening muscles and force your body to compensate by tightening up other muscles. On the flip side plenty of people enjoy activity, but often it involves repetitive movements that will overload muscles and eventually lead to injury or pain. Lack of movement, muscle imbalances, and poor posture are being recognized these days as a large factor for decreased quality of life. They often contribute to daily discomfort and chronic pain. With Dan’s movement and posture assessment he will quickly and easily identify the imbalances in your body.


  • A personalized mobility routine and workout program will be created based on your assessment and goals.
  • Crucial component to your physical and mental well-being.
  • Identify what imbalances you have and why they cause you pain and discomfort
  • Find out what muscles are weak, strong, tight, etc.
  • Assess which movements are difficult or impossible – and learn why they are.
  • Learn how your posture could be causing pain or discomfort