One of a Kind Personal Training Experience

Dan has trained hundreds of clients successfully and will make sure that your training is safe, fun, and most importantly effective. With his attention to detail, every rep will be done correctly to eliminate any chance of injury with a safety first approach. Dan uses unique exercises used by very few trainers to ensure progress. He is a perfectionist when it comes to executing exercises and will ensure you are doing each movement correctly, making adjustments on the go. Each training session will be tailored to your goals, lifestyle and fitness level. Training around injuries is a part of life, Dan has the needed experience to keep you on track.


  • Dans training programs are designed specifically for you based on your goals
  • Programs can included anything from corrective foundation exercises, functional exercises, kickboxing, kettle bells, cables, free weights, balance equipment and a number of other tools to keep you challenged.
  • You will achieve structural balance throughout your body which leads to less aches and pains, easier movement, being stronger and getting lean.
  • Dan specialises in working with people who are injured or recovering from an injury. Everyone has an injury at some point; do not let that stop you from progressing. 
  • You will be taught how to write your own workout programs and establish exercise independence if you choose to.
  • Your results during the program will be tracked and shared every session to ensure you are making progress and set you up for success.
  • Dan has a network of the best local professionals like the team at Crux Chiropractic to Registered Massage Therapist Hannah Marie, to refer out too if necessary.