Strength Assessment

As a Poliquin IMG_2124certified strength coach, Dan will test your upper and lower body strength and identify imbalances. This is the best way to begin a strength program to ensure an injury free and highly successful future. When imbalances are taken care of, Dan will create a program based on your goals and needs – he never takes a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. See gains each week with a properly made and executed program.

  • Find structural imbalances that are hindering your improvement
  • Strengthen weak areas to improve key lifts like your bench press, pull up, squat, deadlift, shoulder press, and more
  • Get stronger in less time with a smart approach and a proper program built especially for you
  • Set up your foundation for Olympic lifts

Cardiovascular Assessment

Often ignored is your current cardiovascular fitness level. Get tested to see what your estimated V02 max is without the discomfort of machines hooked up to your body. Simple tests work you to your capacity safely and give us a measure of your current level of cardiovascular fitness.

  • Know your starting point so you can measure your improvement going forward
  • There are several different tests that can be used for comfort level of testing
  • A specific program will be designed based on your assessment and goals
  • See an improvement in heart health, lung capacity, and lung efficiency